Sunday, November 20, 2011

Late Heavy Bombardment: Hindsight

This game was awesome. I won it, but I can't claim that I had some masterful plan and executed it. I had a plan, and I got unlucky, and I got lucky. I was very close to losing the game at least twice. If I was aware of my peril twice, maybe I was unaware of existential peril at other points. As usual, the real winning strategy was to pursue a plan aggressively and adapt rapidly when the circumstances didn't cooperate.

I was sometimes surprised by specific tactical and strategic choices from my rivals. I looked back and saw some mistakes in my own play. I let myself run out of resources at some unfortunate moments, and I wasted an order slot in the tight endgame moving a legion that didn't stay Juggernauted long enough to kill the target it was moving towards. The biggest lessons I took away from it included that I eked out a narrow victory as an excomm, and if my rivals had coordinated better, I could have been thwarted. That likely would have required the majority of them identifying me as such a serious threat that they prioritized neutralizing me over securing their own prestige victory.

Great game from everyone, thank you all for playing.

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